the difference between latex pillow and memory foam.

Many people feel good about this word ’latex’. Some mistakes latex pillow with memory foam. In fact, they are different.

memory foam

Memory foam is also called space cotton which rebound itself slowly. It is developed by a company that belonged to NASA in the 60s of last century. Memory foam has a kind of open structure and characteristic that is temperature sensitive to relieve pressure. It can also be taken as a temperature sensitive material. Utilizing this material on space shuttle is to relieve the pressure for the astronauts and protect spines of astronauts. Especially when the space shuttle is leaving earth and returning to earth, the astronauts may take the heaviest pressure and greatest danger.

Space cotton and GPS were both called as inventions of space technology. The greatest science of 21th century is life science. Space technology has contributed a great deal to human life science. In the early of 90s, Swedish Fagerdala company re-exploited it for citizen and medical use. Then it was used widely on the aspects of medical emergency and monitoring system. Then it was widely accepted in developed countries which pay lots of attention to health such as Japan.

Memory foam pillow is made of space cotton. Since it can absorb force of impact , lying on it feels like floating on the water. And skin feels pressureless. So memory foam is very popular with people. Memory foam is designed by ergonomics. It can memorize shape and change its shape. The ability to shape itself can fix your head and decrease the possibility of stiff neck. And it can fill up the gap between your shoulder and pillow. So it can solve the problem of air leak on your shoulders.

Memory foam can be taken as one of the most popularly used health-care pillow. Since it is made cheap and cost little, its price is accepted widely. Since last century, European and American people used memory foam as bedding for the first and then Asian people followed this fashion. With the emerging of memory foam, sleep quality for people has changed vastly. But as time went by, many users found drawbacks of memory foam.

Since memory foam is made of PU, PU is a byproduct of oil refining. So it has no effect of anti-acarid and anti-bacteria. Many people experience skin and nose allergies after use.

Memory foam has characteristic of rebounding slowly. Users feel very comfortable about it at first. But when they are turning over to change positions, they feel very difficult. Many people with cervical spine problems feel their problems are getting more serious.

And some people suggested that memory foam could hardly dissipate heat and the touch feel warm too. It feels easy to get humid in a summer sleep. And it may show problems of getting hard in winter and soft in summer. Sleeping on it feels very uncomfortable.

With these problems showing up, memory foam became obsolete gradually from a very heated choice. With the development of requirement level, latex pillow has become a new popular product for the crowd. And it soon became very widely accepted.

latex pillow

Latex pillow is made of rubber tree juice. In 1929, scientist E.A. Murphy invented the first latex pillow in Birmingham of UK. Latex is a kind of eco-friendly material. Medical gloves, condom, astronaut’s space gloves are made of latex. European and American people supported latex bedding a lot. Basically one out of three families owns natural latex bedding product.

Latex pillow is made of processing natural latex. It is harmless to human and free from any side-effect. Since it is natural material, latex can be anti-bacteria and anti-acarid and provide you with a cleaner sleeping environment.

Latex pillow is designed according to ergonomics. It can improve sleep quality and adjust its support according to different sleeping posture. It can also improve cervical spine problems for cervical spine’s sub-health people.

Latex pillow has high elasticity and support different weight and fit body contour perfectly. Its elasticity is the same in any season.

Latex pillow has many cellular air-holes and can be extremely humidity absorptive and breathable. This can reduce the static electricity between human body and fibre and dissipate heat from human body. Usually a good latex pillow can be used for 10-15 years. It is one-time shaped and very durable and free from deformation.

how to identify latex pillow?

smellNatural latex pillow can give out light mastic fragrance(which comes from latex pillow itself and is harmless and non-poisonous. And this is a characteristic other pillows don’t have.)

lookLatex pillow has thousands of cellular air-holes. And it can contain more air than fibre. These holes can dissipate extra heat and humidity and promote ventilation. So it can provide us with best natural AC system and keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy. Every season can keep you comfortable. In summer you will feel deeply the freshing feeling of using it. It is anti-acarid and anti-bacteria, free from allergies, dust. It also can stop bacteria from breeding and be free from skin,nose allergies.

touchIts hand feeling is comfortable and smoothness feels like baby’s skin. Sweaty hands touch latex pillow can turn it into yellow and it is common phenomenon.

 pressLatex pillow can rebound very fast with hand pressing. About flaws: Since latex pillow is made by physical foaming techniques, there will be small holes or flaws when taking out of mold. But it is not quality problem and won’t affect its use.