Seven signals to remind you to change mattress. Please do no

1、when you get up, you feel back pain and sore waist.
After sleep if you still feel uncomfortable and back pain and sore waist, powerlessness, you should check your mattress. A suitable mattress can relax your body and mind and restore your strength. To the contrary, an unsuitable mattress can exert a subtle influence on your health.
2your sleep time gets shorter and shorter.
If your wake-up time has changed compare to usual time, this means your mattress has serious problems. (for example, you wake up earlier than before.) Long time use of mattress can lower its comfort level and change its internal structure. So that it can not support your body correctly. If it gets serious, it will cause you spine problems like lumbar disc protrusion or lumbar muscle strain.
3、when you lie in bed, you can not fall asleep for a long time.
Many people complain that they don’t know why they can not fall asleep but turn their bodies over restlessly. And it has a negative effect on the life and work of next day. So what can we do about it? Answer is buying a good mattress can improve your sleep. Sleeping on a good mattress feels like floating on the cloud. The blood circulation will get better and reduce times of your turn over. It helps you fall asleep easily.
4Feel easy to wake up in the middle of night.
If you wake up naturally around 2-3 AM and feel hard to fall asleep, have dream all night, have poor sleep, have headache caused by bad sleep, you won’t be cured by doctors. The only answer to the problems is: it is time to change your mattress. Good mattress can improve your sleep to work less for more. So your needed sleep can be less than 8 hours.
5itchy skin.
If you are troubled with yellow swell, red and swollen, itchy, measles on your skin, problems may come from your poor quality mattress. Poor quality mattress is usually not processed with anti-acarid procedure. Mite can cause skin problems like itchy skin, acne, pimple, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic nettle-rash.
6It always feel not level of the bed.
If you lie in bed and roll a bit over, you will find your body sunken obviously or the mattress can not be level. This means the mattress’s life ends. A mattress like this can not support your body evenly and get your spine out of shape. It may cause joint pain for the elder and bone deformation for the kids.
7When you move a bit, you hear squeak of your mattress.
When you move a bit in bed, you hear squeak of the bed and it sounds very harsh on a silent night. The squeak of the bed comes from the damaged spring. And the spring’s structure is broken so that it can not support body. This kind of mattress can not be used anymore.

If one of the seven signals has shown up, you should consider to change your mattress. If two of the seven have shown, you must change your mattress. Choose a good mattress to make your life healthier for yourself and your family.